African Mango Review from the Clinical Studies

2010 was the revolutionary year for African Mango because Clinical Study results for this product have been made available. It was a double-blind placebo-controlled study. This means that one group of men and women with excess weight was taking placebo and another same group was taking African Mango pills. Members of both groups were not informed and they could not know if they were taking a placebo or African Mango pills. It was amazing, but clinical study has shown that waist shrinked by approx. 21% in a group which was taking African Mango, and this outstanding result has been achieved in just a few weeks!

Real research, real people, real results… Hard to argue. But in my next post I will tell you about results we have received in our lab. We have found active substances in African Mango which help burn fat and reduce cholesterol level.
While I’m preparing my report, you surely can start using African Mango for your weight loss – it’s guaranteed to work.

Stay Tuned!

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African Mango Reviews on Television

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for a past few months, you surely have seen African Mango on many national TV channels. They claim that it’s a brand new invention – clinical studies confirmed that diet based on this african fruit can help you burn fat quickly (lose weight), improve metabolism and overall health level. Should we trust all these TV doctors like Dr. OZ etc?  Are there any scientific facts behind this hype?  Our site was created in order to provide actual scientific information and facts about African Mango, so if you are looking for an independent African Mango review you can trust – our website is a right place for you. Our specialists have studied ingredients of African Mango diet pills in a laboratory and now we know for sure what’s hidden inside this wonderful pill. Lets take a closer look at African Mango

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